Street Light and Night Guard Maintenance Northern Nevada

This form is for reporting streetlight problems in northern Nevada. NV Energy does not own streelights in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas or other parts of southern Nevada.

Please do not use this form for electrical emergencies or to report a power outage. For a power outage or downed power lines call the appropriate number listed on our outage page.

If you represent a city, county, or state agency and need to inform us about multiple streetlight issues, you can use this link to send an email with an attached document regarding the issues. A spreadsheet would be preferred and please include the same information from the form below for each streetlight.


Pole or light number:

The light number is typically under the light head. If you stand under the light and look up you will see the number and it will look something like "L30390-10." There are numbers with an L character and numbers without them and they can have 5 to 6 digits.

Closest Intersection
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